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Ampoule DEL intelligente WiFi RVB A19 ( 4)

A19 Smart Wi-Fi RGB LED Bulb (4-Pack) - BAZZ Smart
A19 Smart Wi-Fi RGB LED Bulb (4-Pack) - BAZZ Smart
A19 Smart Wi-Fi RGB LED Bulb (4-Pack) - BAZZ Smart
A19 Smart Wi-Fi RGB LED Bulb (4-Pack) - BAZZ Smart
A19 Smart Wi-Fi RGB LED Bulb (4-Pack) - BAZZ Smart
A19 Smart Wi-Fi RGB LED Bulb (4-Pack) - BAZZ Smart
A19 Smart Wi-Fi RGB LED Bulb (4-Pack) - BAZZ Smart

Ampoule DEL intelligente WiFi RVB A19 ( 4)

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Avec l'application BAZZ Smart Home, la collection Colors offre toutes les possibilités:

  • Sélectionner votre blanc d'un blanc doux (2700K) à un blanc brillant (5000K).
  • Sélectionner votre couleur de lumière ambiante parmi un million de différentes couleurs.
  • Ajuster l'intensité de votre éclairage blanc ou coloré.


  • Ampoule intelligente A19 DEL WiFi.
  • 10W équivalent à 60W.
  • 800 lumens.
  • CRI 80+
  • 15 000 heures.
  • Pour usage intérieur seulement.
  • Angle : 205˚
  • Conforme aux standards FCC et UL.
  • Compatible avec Amazon Alexa et Google Assistant.


Accordez vos blancs de doux (2700K) à des blancs froids (5000K)


Compatible avec Amazon Alexa et Google Assistant


LED intégrée 10W (équivalent à une ampoule halogène 60W)

Durée de vie prévue

Durée de vie de 15 000 heures


Conforme aux normes FCC et UL

Sans fil


Portée sans fil 45M

Manuel d'instructions

Des instructions

FAQ: bientôt disponible !

Avis des clients

Based on 5 reviews
Outside lights

I bought these lights to go outside my garage and front door and work in conjunction with 6 bazz pot lights I recently installed in my soffit.
I chose the rgb lights as an alternative to plain white lights as I find the white light can be obtrusive for nightly use.
However when needed I change all the lights to white. They can be quite bright for outside activities.
One pot at the far end of the house often does not change with the others. It is clearly too far from the wifi. The colors give a different ambiance to the house and still provide acceptable lighting around the building at night. I bought the A19s from the company directly. I wish I had bought the 6 pots from them as well.
Quite a bit of savings buying direct.

Nygel Blondin
Great product

Bought these because they were less expensive than the phillips hues and didn't require a hub. The app is easy to use and setup up was okay. Had a hard time with a few bulbs trying to sync but eventually got it. Would be great to have a light switch that is able to switch to white or color with the flip of an added switch for those times when others need more light and don't want to pull up an app to switch modes.


Everything I hoped for. Lights work great. Very fun.


I will be able to use my phone to control over the color and ambiance of the light, I am sad that the RGB one is constantly out of stock!

Economical choice!

If you purchase this in a bundle of packs, the price will be much cheaper than the single pack, also, don't forget to use the coupon code to save even more!

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